The Atikokan Chamber of Commerce Operations

Who is the Atikokan Chamber of Commerce

It is an organization whose membership is made up of owners, proprietors, employees and individuals of the Atikokan business community. They are people who are interested in the welfare and future of Atikokan. We can be reached at info (at) Our office is located at 214 Main Street, Atikokan and the phone number is 807.597.1599


What is the Purpose of the Atikokan Chamber of Commerce

  1. Promote Atikokan
  2. To give support to local organizations groups and individuals who undertake social and economic projects.
  3. To organize educational and social programs for members.
  4. To lobby local government concerning business issues.
  5. To communicate with other Chamber of Commerce and exchange ideas and information.

How do we do these things?

  1. Bi-monthly or monthly meeting of the Board of Directors and planned general meetings for all members.
  2. Offering participation in Group Insurance Plan
  3. Answering inquiries about the Atikokan area.
  4. Attendance at municipal council meetings rep at municipal council meeting
  5. Bring speakers to Atikokan to deal with business issues (i.e. Freight, WHMIS training, and pay equity).
  6. Promotional campaigns with local merchants (i.e. Halloween madness)
  7. Social and informative, events for members or non-members
  8. Participation in local events
  9. Attendance, if possible, at meetings of North western Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce and their activities.