Jaycees Establish In Atikokan

Wednesday, Oct. 24, brought about the organizing of new club in Atikokan known as the Atikokan Junior Chamber of Commerce. The J.C.’s (as they are more popularly known) is both national and International club made up between the ages of 18 and 35.

The Junior Chamber is an organization established for the purposes of self – development and community betterment. Some of the functions which come under these headings are: (1) Improvement and development of its individual members to train them for business advancement and civic leadership. (2) Improvement and development of the community, and (3) fellowship.

The first meeting, which got under way at 8:00 p.m. in the Royal Bank Building, was opened by the Regional Vice-President of this district, Jim Bell of Fort William. Mr. Bell went into great detail as to the purpose of a J.C. Group and showed a great deal of enthusiasm in the establishing of such a group in what he termed “one of the fastest growing centres in the district.”

Following Mr. Bell was the President of the region in the person of Ray Breggs of Port Arthur, who gave an informative talk on the setting up of a Junior Chamber organization and also outlined the work accomplished by the different Chambers both on the National and International scale.

Mr. Breggs then asked the general meeting as to what their feelings were in establishing an organized Junior Chamber here and the plan was met with a favour of doing so. The members then held and election of temporary officers in which the following members were chosen. President -- Bob Holland; Secretary – Treasurer – Howard Fitzgibbons; and Don Smith and Lorne Walberg were elected to head the committee for the Constitution of the By-Laws.

The next general meeting was slated for Nov. 14, 1956.

November 1, 1956
Atikokan Progress