Chamber adds upgraded Internet site to long list of programs

The Chamber of Commerce is stepping up its efforts to give Atikokan a bigger presence on the Internet.

That effort is just one of many projects the Chamber is tackling this year. All were reviewed by the new board at a pair of information meetings for members and prospective members last month.

All of the effort is geared around the Chamber’s central purposes: supporting local businesses and organizations through the overall promotion of Atikokan.

“I think this is an aggressive board, in terms of promoting Atikokan,” said Chamber manager Linda Braun. “It also knows it needs help and input from the community, and Chamber members, to meet its mandate to promote the economic, civic and social welfare of the community .”

New vice-president Doug Lampi is heading up the Internet project. He is in the process of listing the Chamber’s web site on about 1,000 different search engines, under a variety of different topics. His hope is that anyone looking, say, for information on canoeing, will be directed to the Chamber’s site (\chamber).

The site presents the local attraction (White Otter Castle, golf, Quetico Park, the Mining Attraction, etc.), as well as accommodations and other basic travel info. Within each category (Tourism, upcoming events, businesses), the site is linked to others, mostly Atikokan-related sites.

As part of the site upgrade, the Chamber is offering low-cost ads to members. These ‘banner ads’ will be available for just $20 a year. Links to members’ web-sites can also be had; they cost $5 a year.

In addition to this ‘high tech’ initiative, the Chamber will continue its regular, popular programs for the coming year:

The Chamber is also in the midst of a membership survey. Specifically, it asks members to rate its performance in a number of key areas, and asks for suggestions and input on those areas. Very preliminary results (13 responses) suggest general satisfaction with the organization’s overall performance.

All of that adds up to a fairly substantial return on the cost of membership (typically, $110 for a small business).

1999/2000 Chamber of Commerce  board of directors: John Collition, president, Doug Lampi, vice-president, Lisa Belanger, secretary, Kim Cross, treasurer, Dave Maynard, past president, Sandra Poelman, Heather Larocque, Norma Mills, Janette Payne, Sue Wensley, Judi Nault, and Linda Manford.

August 3, 1999
Atikokan Progress