Chamber Rebirth Underway

The rebirth of an active Chamber of Commerce appears to be well underway.

Past presidents conferred on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at a special meeting and worked out plans for the re-establishment of the chamber on a firm basis. A general meeting and selection of a board of directors will take place shortly.

At an earlier meeting, chamber officials reviewed questionnaire forms that had been mailed out to all past members and to prospective members and there was surprise at the large number of replies received and gratification at the fact that an overwhelming percentage of the returns favored the rebirth of the chamber.

The past presidents approved a rather radical departure from past procedures in the selection of directors in that, for the first time, six directors will be elected and six will be appointed. In the past all 12 directors have been chosen on an elected basis.

October 24, 1968
Atikokan Progress